Our Team

Russ Corno, director of emergency response training curriculum and lead trainer

Russ Corno

director of emergency response training curriculum and lead trainer

Russ Corno has served in law enforcement for over 22 years in the state of Oregon. He has been assigned to the Tactical Operations Division for the past 19 years working as a gang specialist and a tactical team officer. In this capacity, he was part of a training team to help develop a new approach to school and workplace violence in the post-Columbine era for the largest police department in the state. He continued to be interested in the subject and recently assisted in designing a new, more aggressive model of response, focusing not only on threat elimination but also on care for the injured. Through this new program, officers learn that medical treatment is as important as locating the offender and that with simple trauma care lives can be saved. After being involved in multiple high-profile active shooter incidents as a first responder, Russ believes that the key to survival is one’s own awareness and the ability to act in one of these terrible events. Besides his ongoing police work, Russ is VP of emergency response training curriculum at One Back Zebra.

Troy Gilmore, lead site and threat assessment analyst

Troy Gilmore

lead Physical infrastructure inspector

Troy Gilmore As a member of the Marine Security Guard (MSG) Battalion of the US Marin Corps, Inspector Gilmore was responsible for inspecting and enhancing the security of US Embassies in Pretoria, South Africa, and Nicosia, Cyprus. He delivered briefings, reports and presentations to detachment members and Department of Defense staff to ensure personnel and physical security procedures and protocols. Gilmore was hired as a DoD security advisor from 2004 to 2011. He assisted in designing, implementing, and managing personnel and physical security systems for high-threat security compounds throughout the Middle East. He performed complex physical security and comprehensive personnel security surveys along with compound vulnerability and risk assessments. Inspector Gilmore was also tasked with providing executive and VIP protective details along with force protection services.

AfterSept11,2001, he provided physical security services and inspections for the US Army Corps of Engineers at several dam locations in Oregon for Argus Security. He also provided similar services for federal buildings throughout Oregon for Wackenhut, a contractor hired by Federal Protective Services (FPS).

 Inspector Gilmore is currently a Deputy Sheriff in Clackamas and Lead Inspector for One Back Zebra (OBZ). Gilmore has conducted several site inspections and threat assessments for OBZ including Beaverton Foods, GerdingEdlenandImmixLawGroup.Heiscurrentlyconductingacomprehensivephysicalinfrastructureaudit and threat assessment for Portland's 650,000-square-foot Multnomah AthleticClub


Inspector Gilmore received extensive training from the US Marine Corps and Department of State while attending Marine Security Guard school in Quantico, VA in 1999. Gilmore graduated with a degree in Security Management from American Public University (an affiliate of American Military University).

Jim Dakin, crowd control, use of force advisor

Anders Goranson

Threat prevention analyst

Anders Goranson is a board-certified psychologist with a decade of experience conducting violence risk assessment and assessing and managing potentially violent individuals for the federal government. He chairs several multidisciplinary violence risk assessment boards and serves as a national faculty member training others in risk assessment, management, and administration. Dr. Goranson has published research in the areas of stalking in healthcare, PTSD and violence, and tele psychiatry amongst other areas of study. He is a former President of the American Psychological Association's Section VII, Behavioral Emergencies and Crises, as well as a member of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP). He serves as an active member of several local and regional law enforcement threat assessment teams and is an assistant professor at Oregon Health and Science University's Department of Psychiatry. 

Gene Moss, instructor, law enforcement advisor

Gene Moss

instructor, law enforcement advisor

Commander Gene Moss began his career as a patrol deputy in 1989 in Oregon. He was promoted quickly to the detective division, then to patrol sergeant, SWAT team leader, chief of police and, finally, enforcement division commander.

Gene is a survival skills and tactical instructor for several of the largest law enforcement agencies and associations in the state of Oregon (active threat, acts of violence survival, basic officer safety, ballistic breaching, barricaded/hostage, building search, chemical agents, confrontational simulation, defensive tactics, firearms, UC/CI rescue and warrant service tactics).

Gene has instructed at numerous academies including reserve deputy academies, basic police academies, OTOA basic SWAT schools and ONEA/HIDTA sponsored courses. 

He has also provided training for active threat (shooter) response to all police agencies within Washington County (OR), Tillamook County, Curry County, Crook County, Vancouver/Clark County (WA) and the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training.

Gene has developed a “Surviving Acts of Violence” course, which he has taught for both private and public entities. 


Tom Fitzgerald

Emergency Response Trainer

With 30 years experience, 20 of those years on a major city full-time SWAT Team, Tom Fitzgerald is one of the most experienced law enforcement officials and instructors in the State of Washington.

A Global Anti-Terrorism Assistance (G.A.T.A) instructor with the US Department of State, Tom has collaborated with multiple local, state and federal tactical units on anti-terrorism training and missions. He has also taught police and military tactics all over the world.

After excelling at his patrol assignments Tom joined SWAT in 1991 and quickly rose in the ranks to SWAT Team Leader and Training Coordinator. He has taught tactics and weapons handling skills to units within the Seattle police department and other agencies in the US and Canada. He is also an instructor in chemical agents, riot and rapid intervention. Tom’s certifications are too many to list here but can be provided upon request.


Nick Frankus

Threat Preemption/emergency response educator

Nick Frankus is currently a sergeant with a major metropolitan police department with 18 years of law enforcement experience. Nick has spent the majority of his career as an undercover narcotics officer and tactical team member, where he is currently an assistant team leader. Nick is also an instructor in patrol tactics with the department’s training division. While in an undercover capacity, Nick specialized in covert surveillance and behavioral observation. As a tactical team member and assistant team leader, Nick has the responsibility of planning and coordinating realistic scenario based training as well as responding to and managing critical incidents around the metro area, including multiple active shooter and hostage situations.

Nick has provided thousands of hours of instruction to all levels of police officers, from new recruits to highly advanced SWAT teams both locally and regionally, as well as to citizen community groups and businesses.